Application Procedure

To become a full member of the Materials Chemistry Consortium (MCC), please contact Scott Woodley (Principal Investigator and Project Manager) and CC

Applicants will:

  • have an academic appointment where he/she is eligible to apply as a PI for standard EPSRC funding;
  • provide a summary (two sides of A4 max) of HEC based research that they would like to conduct (now and in the future) and how this complements the remit of the Materials Chemistry Consortium;
  • have an opportunity to give a presentation of their work to other members at the next convenient meeting (a good opportunity to establish new collaborations!).

Full members can also request user accounts for their group.

Typically, I refer to “full members” as “group leaders”, whereas the term “MCC members” will also include their researchers who have access to our HEC resources (e.g., have an account on ARCHER).

Please note that requests for HEC time will need to be justified later, following the guidelines given below. Note also, when there is an oversubscription of time resources, constraints on requests may be imposed on new members; a cap which will itself be relaxed over time.

Finally, please note that membership applications are typically considered just before one of our one-day meetings (see below). Thus, if you have not had a reply 1 week before the next advertied meeting, then please send Scott Woodley an email to check all is well.

Requests for HEC Resources (ARCHER2 and YOUNG)

One-day meetings are typically held at UCL just before a new six month allocation period on ARCHER. During MCC meetings we decide how to redistribute our allocation of national HEC resources (CPU time) for the next six month period for Tier-1 and Tier-2 HEC facilities, namely ARCHER and YOUNG, to full MCC members (group leaders), once submitted proposals have been assessed by the executive committee.

Note that all members at our meeting have had an opportunity to defend and ask questions about the proposed work. Dates of our next meeting, along with deadline for submission of proposals, will be advertised on our internal noticeboard and are typically held just into Summer break and within winter break (as lecture theatres are more available then).

For full details on how MCC members can apply for HEC resources, please see the internal MCC website.