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MCC Conference 2022

This will be our fifth MCC conference where we hope members will showcase the excellent work to date (as well as give a few insights into future work) that has been made possible with our access to HEC resources, namely THOMAS, YOUNG, ARCHER and ARCHER2.

We plan for the meeting to follow the format used in our previous MCC conferences, i.e. running over three days from lunchtime to just after lunchtime and composed of three invited talks from the international panel; a poster session; a conference meal; and a series of 20 minute talks, grouped into the eight themes of the consortium (Reactivity and Catalysis; Environmental and Smart Materials; Biomaterials and Soft Matter; Materials for Energy Generation, Storage and Transport; Materials Discovery; Fundamentals of Bulk Materials; Fundamentals of Surfaces and Interfaces; and Fundamentals of Nano-dimensional Materials). Please use the links to gain access to more details.

Start: 06/07/2022

End: 08/07/2022

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